Newsletter August 2011

Newsletter August


Free Yoga Taster Class at Cynergy! Come and see for yourself the benefits of Yoga. Whether you want to work on your flexibility or address poor core strength or even quiet your mind and re-centre yourself, Yoga can help in so many ways. When: 21 August 2011 from 11:00 to 12:30.  Call us to reserve your place in our class.  Bring a friend and receive a discount on future sessions.

Boxing Fitness Classes are held Wednesday nights at 19:15 and a Thursday morning class may begin at 09:00 if we have enough interest. Email us if you would like to attend either.  Men and women welcome. Give it a try. Once you have, you will be hooked!  Book your spot today as spaces are limited.

Running Group:
  Meets Saturday mornings at 08:30 in front of the gym/centre.
All abilities welcome! See our website for more information.
Our email address is [email protected].

Pilates: Interested?  Please call or write to let us know what times work best for you.

The Trainers

Well, Cat’s training is back underway.  July started the move towards the Berlin Marathon at the end of September. August will be the bulk of the long miles and the most time consuming. The focus at this point will be to remain injury free by regular visits to the Cynergy Chiropractor and Massage Therapist, as maintenance is key to maintaining a healthy and strong body.


Gareth has resumed his training as well in the run up to the end of the season; a couple of key races in mind, one in August and one in September. The time off from training has been crucial as it pointed out a fatigue that still needs to be addressed in order to have the desired success…nothing that a short holiday will not cure.

Cat and Jens’ first Canine Cross Country Race of the year will be the 17th of September.  This one is held in Bagshot, Surrey.  There are earlier events, but this one is the closest. If you missed the last newsletter, Cani-X is where you run with your dog(s) while harnessed together. The dogs love it and so do their people.
Check out the events on the Cani-X website and give it a go.  You might find that you love it too!


When it comes to exercise, do not waste time performing static stretches prior to running or cycling.  Instead why not perform some dynamic warm up exercises (arm and leg swings, trunk rotations, etc.)?  Dynamic stretching will warm your muscles in preparation for the effort and mobilize joints; whereas static stretching, prior to running or cycling, is not only unnecessary, but will only reduce the elasticity, i.e. power, in your muscles.

September  Bicycle Maintenance Workshop
Dan Slyfield will be teaching an advanced bicycle maintenance class at Cynergy PT on the 4th of September.  Dan works at Saddle Safari in Marlow, and if you have ever had your bike in there for a service, there is a good chance he worked on it.

As mentioned last month, Dan has worked on our bikes for over 6 years and has always managed to help us out…even when it meant working on his own free time. With summer making an occasional appearance, it may often be difficult to have your bike maintenance done quickly, so if you can do some simple things yourself, you might free up some all important cycling time.

Book now to hold your spot on the day as class size is small to give you the best attention on the day.

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome!

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