We are officially back!  Oh my!  How we have missed you lot during these crazy times.  Some of you have stuck with us through the whole Zoom phase – and we do thank you – some of you have already returned to face-to-face training, but to confirm to all, we are open for business and cannot wait to see each and every one of you, whether virtually, or in person!

We have a lot to update you on including:

Our expansion plans
A new referral incentive scheme
The Cynergy Family
Our Grand Reopening event

Please read on for the detail.

We are Re-Defining and Expanding

tHere at Cynergy Personal Trainers we are redefining our focus. Over the years we have grown and changed our perspective…slightly.  We of course offer Personal Fitness Training for those wanting to improve their lifestyles through fitness, by providing expert training in our own gym as well as using our beautiful, local surroundings.  However, over time we have realised that we are more than just a fitness studio.  We bring our particular perspective and ability to perceive what our clients need in a non-judgemental and intelligent manner, all the while helping them to feel a part of our Cynergy family.  Our bespoke programs are designed with each individual’s needs in mind, and because we genuinely care about each and every one of our clients, there is an overall positive impact on both their mental and physical health.  This does not mean a change that you will notice in the way you are treated as such, but we now have a better awareness that this is the reason we are as successful as we are. And with that realisation, to promote that aspect of our business, to make the idea of fitness studio more inclusive and less scary for all those who want to make some improvements so that they can find or maintain confidence in their body and their self. So yes, we are still a fitness studio, but we are also so much more than that.

Speaking of more…we are in the process of expanding our Cynergy footprint as well as our Cynergy family. We began with the purchase of a beautiful piece of equipment, funnily enough, named Synergy.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.  It was meant to be ours. But seriously so far everyone that has tried it out has loved it.  I suggest you ask your Personal Trainer to let you have a go if you haven’t already.  It’s fun and functional, what could be better?

With the addition of the new equipment, we have also decided to take over the whole of the barn, utilising the extra space.  This will allow us to create more space for classes, for boxing, as well as provide more distance between clients. Ultimately our main office will move to the foyer, opening up another treatment room for hopefully a new physio or another therapist.

Speaking of “other therapists”, we would love it if y’all could help us spread the word that we have a lovely space to offer qualified therapists to come and be a part of our Cynergy team. If you know someone that might be interested, please share our details with them.

With the extra space, it only makes sense that we add a much-anticipated shower to it.  This will make a huge difference to how we work as well as to our clients wanting to go out after a workout, but not wanting to have to travel home first.  We have wanted a shower on the premises since we began the business over ten years ago, so it was high time we made that change, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Referral Incentive Sheme

We have actually gained a few new clients during the pandemic, but we would now like a few more.  We have therefore introduced a referral incentive scheme to help us with this plan. If you refer a client to us, and they book a block of ten sessions with us, both you and your referee will receive a free PT session. Sort of a thank you to you both. To access this, just make sure your friend mentions your name when they sign up for their sessions.

Please do not worry that if we get too busy, we won’t have time for you. Our core clients will always have access to us, as well as priority.

The Cynergy Family

Jackie Veryard, the absolute best Sport and Remedial Massage therapist around, is thankfully still with us.  Sadly though, she is entering into her retirement phase and starting to wind things down. However, she will continue to work with her select group of Cynergy clients. Therefore, if you are in need of a deep tissue massage, call Jackie.  She’ll sort you out.

Our Personal Trainer, Gary Morgan, is also still with us here at Cynergy, and is raring to get busy again.  Gary specialises in golf conditioning as well as coaching table tennis and cycling. He is a mild mannered, encouraging sort of PT with loads of patience. In addition to one-to-one PT, Gary will also be teaching a Golf Conditioning class on Thursday evenings in the Autumn.  So, if your golf game is suffering of late, perhaps you should join Gary’s class for a bit of help.

Last but certainly not least, Michael Sprott, Ex British and Commonwealth Champion, is available for One-to-One Boxing training. He will also be offering a Women’s Boxercise Class in the Autumn.  Michael is such a friendly, smiley and encouraging soul. Not only will you learn a few things, but you will have a laugh while doing it.

New Holistic Massage Therapist

We have a new masseuse who will be joining our team here at Cynergy. Her name is Becky Stanley, and she will be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some of you may have already met her as she has been popping by to get a feel for her new space as well as meet a few people. She is a sweet soul with a calming energy about her. We will be putting her bio and contact details up on our website in the next few days should you be interested in booking a session with her.  Mention this newsletter and receive a free 20-minute Taster Session with her.

Cynergy Dogfit

Jens and Heidi are obviously still a huge part of Cynergy, so they will be keeping their office space, especially since they have become a very busy part of Cynergy DogFit.

The two of them have introduced more than 20 dogs to the sport of Canine Cross Country this year alone, and that is with a lockdown in place for part of the year.

They also lead a pack run every Sunday morning and every other Wednesday night.  Not bad for two old Standard Poodles. They are definitely earning their keep. If you or anyone you know would like to give Canine Cross Country a try, see our website for details.

A Few Changes Due to Covid

Due to Covid and an expected high flu season this winter, we will be more stringent about those coming to train with us in the gym. Should anyone wake up feeling sub-par on a scheduled workout day, we are happy to train you remotely via Zoom, but please do not come to the gym and spread whatever virus may have taken hold of you.  We have many vulnerable clients that should not have to worry about catching Covid or Norovirus or the flu from our facility, so please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

Along those same lines, please bring your own water bottles and towels to minimise contamination.  We are in the business of keeping people fit and healthy and this is just another measure we are taking to help that along.

Grand Reopening

We are planning a Grand Reopening of Cynergy, taking place on Saturday 13th November 2021. We want to celebrate with you all, what everyone has achieved with us over the years as well as to share with you our recent changes and plans for growth. We will also have our Therapists and Trainers on-site to introduce you to those you may not have met yet. Please save the date and come along as we very much look forward to showing you how much we have appreciated your support over the years, and to celebrate the Cynergy community, in its widest sense. The event will be from 14:30 to 16:30. An official invite will make its way to you over the next week or so, please come and show your support.

Lots of Love,
Cat & Gareth
To book into sessions with any of our trainers and therapists email us at [email protected] or call us with any questions you may have on 07951 659728