Spring Newsletter 2022

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Happy New Year!

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Spring Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone!  We hope all of you have been keeping safe and well during this whole pandemic. It has not been an easy time, but at least with the vaccinations rolling out along with this latest lockdown, there appears to be a tiny light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

29 March

Excitingly, as of the 29th of March (barring any unforeseen changes to the timeline), Cynergy Personal Trainers can resume one-to-one Outdoor Personal Training as well as the Cynergy DogFit Pack Runs (currently up to six people allowed to run together, including Cat).  The one-to-one DogFit Taster Sessions are currently ongoing as they are conducted outdoors as required.  For more information regarding our Taster Sessions, please see our website www.cynergypt.co.uk

Speaking of DogFit, there has been a huge boom in DogFit Canicross during lockdown as many people either have new dogs they want to create a bond with, or they need to socialize their dog, or they want to do something new and exciting with their current dog(s). It’s great to see so much interest in combining your exercise routine to include your dog, not to mention the overall mental health benefit of getting outside in the fresh air and having an adventure!

For those of you that do not mind braving the weather, we will start booking our outdoor sessions from 29th March as well.  I know there are only a few brave souls that are willing to do outdoor training sessions which is totally understandable, but for those diehards out there, and you know who you are, we are here for you.

12 April

The next date of interest, assuming the timeline holds, is the 12th of April, where we will finally be able to get back into the gym for our Personal Training Sessions. We understand that some of you may prefer to continue with your PT Sessions from the safety of your own home via Zoom, and that is perfectly fine with us.  We want everyone to feel safe with whatever decision you make to continue your fitness health regime.
For those of you looking for a change of scenery and happy to come and workout face to face with us, our doors will be open as of the week of 12 April. Depending on who wants to workout online and who prefers to come to the gym, current schedules may change a bit to accommodate the current situation with various training methods. Please be patient with us while we work through some of these kinks.

Although we will be permitted to work in the gym with the proper spacing for safety, both Cat and Gareth have decided that for everyone’s safety, and until the virus is properly under control, they will continue to work on separate days to ensure there is no overlapping of clients.

Referral Voucher
Finally, please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends that might be interested in our help.  We will be offering a Referral Voucher: for anyone that signs up for a block of sessions with us and mentions your name you will receive a free PT Session. 

Summer Newsletter 2020

Well, Summer is here, although today feels a little Autumnal. However, we live in hope that Summer will get a re-boot in the coming days. Regardless of what is happening weather-wise, we are hopeful that we will have a fantastic Summer here at Cynergy, or in most cases, at what is now known as Virtual Cynergy!


So, unlike our Spring Newsletter which was promoting all the new people that were coming to work with us, thanks to COVID-19, we are now focusing on a much more stream-lined, and remote version of Cynergy PT.  We are still trying to be creative and bring value and exciting news to share with you, even if via a different medium or a change in location.

Stonor ParkFit

With gyms remaining closed for the foreseeable future, Cynergy Personal Trainers have partnered with Stonor Park to bring you the ultimate summer, post-lockdown, socially distanced, outdoor fitness classes set in the beautiful gardens and deer park of Stonor.  Cat will be leading the group workout and keeping things energised and fun for all, if not a bit challenging as well.  Please read the Press Release below for further details:

Stonor Park Press Release
Fitness just got fresher with our new initiative to get outdoors and get active with Stonor ParkFit. 

With gyms remaining closed for the time being, we are delighted to have partnered with the brilliant Cynergy Personal Trainers to provide a programme of post-lockdown, socially-distanced outdoor fitness classes set in our beautiful Gardens and deer park.  Texan Cat Batson, a Level 3 PT and UK Athletics Coach, will be bringing her popular energetic sessions to Stonor.  Each session is an hour and geared to improve cardiovascular health and overall strength.  

All abilities are welcome.  The professionally trained instructor(s) will happily offer alternative suggestions to make exercises more or less difficult.  Sessions will initially take place at 9.15am every Wednesday, rain or shine, priced at £15 or we have a special offer to block book 10 sessions for £120!  We will add sessions on other days as we grow.  We kick-off this Wednesday 8th July on the lawns of the Italianate Garden. Parking is free with thoroughly steam-cleaned toilet facilities and a coffee vendor, should you need an extra boost!

Please do come along and join us for Stonor ParkFit with Cynergy PT and make the most of our park and woodland setting as a healthy and inspiring place to get fit. All you need to bring along is your own exercise mat. And what is more you will be supporting fantastic environmental initiatives through Patagonia Action Works who we are proud to have partnered with.

Book your place now

Zoom PT and Classes

Within the realm of Cynergy, we have been successful in continuing to work with our clients via Zoom, whether that be one to one or within a class setting.  It comes with its challenges, as we never know whose internet is going to be playing up, or if Zoom is having technical issues, but so far, we like to think we have managed to continue to give you all a great workout within the confines of your own home.  Dare we say, some of you are even finding the workouts a bit more challenging?  We sure hope so!

Outdoor Sessions

The week ahead has us slowly trying to introduce our Outdoor Face to Face Workouts.  Both Cat and Gareth are carefully and slowly starting this process with one day a week each.  We are hoping to provide those of you that we welcome back first an excellent workout so that you do not miss coming indoors for the time being.  We will slowly increase the number of days, weather permitting, as we work the kinks out.  We still have no idea when gyms will be allowed to let people inside, and we imagine even then, toilet facilities will be off limits until we can find a safe way to keep on top of the constant cleaning. So slowly we move forward and hope you will bear with us during these challenging times.

Cynergy Canine Cross Country

Cynergy Canine Cross Country is also getting a bit of a re-boot. We have a fabulous group of runners that have been waiting for the green light for us to be permitted to gather and go for a cross country run together. We are sure the dogs have missed it, but we are just as sure that the humans have as well. For the time being, the groups will be kept slightly smaller than before in order to keep social distancing in place, but we will also add a mid-week run to make sure everyone gets a chance to come and run with their dog(s).  It is such a huge relief to be able to exercise with your dog in the fresh air and to have other like-minded people joining in on the fun. 
Should you wish to have a go at canine cross country, or know someone who might, click here for more details about our Taster Sessions and how to get in touch.

Refer a Friend and Get a Free Workout Session!

If you refer a friend and they sign up for a block of sessions, you get a free workout, or a discount on your next block of sessions.  Whichever you prefer, we just want to make sure you realize how much we appreciate your custom as well as the referral.

Studio Closing

Dear Cynergy PT Family,

This evening the Prime Minister made quite the statement.  He said that Britons must stay at home for the next three weeks. We at Cynergy PT have to concede that even our outdoor, one to one personal training, can be a health risk.  Although, it clearly states that individuals can go out for an hour of exercise per day, that does not mean meeting up with your Personal Trainer. So, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that we will be closing our studio for the time being.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us and our endeavours over the years.  We addressed this letter to the Cynergy PT Family, because that is how we have come to feel about all of you. We always wanted this place to be somewhere that people wanted to go to, even if they were not particularly excited about the idea of working out, but then actually found that they enjoyed themselves while they were here training with us.  Or in some cases hated every minute of it, but had a good laugh and felt better for having done the work.  Strangely, there are some people that just love coming in for their regular beasting. Whichever camp you find yourself in, we have loved it all.

Now that last paragraph sounded like a good-bye.  And for some of you, it may be, at least until this whole thing blows over and we get back to normal.  However, in an effort to keep all of our clients fit and healthy, we will be offering our services online to those of you that would like to keep up with your PT sessions. We will send an email with all your options. We will keep it as easy and straight forward as possible.

Big love and Jazz Hands,
Cat and Gareth Batson,
Jens & Heidi

Not signed up for email updates? Email us here to let us know.

Yoga for beginners and rusty yogis


Maddy will be continuing with her Tuesday evening class at 6.30 pm, starting another six week course from 25th February. As before, she will aim to keep this class small so that she can offer individual tuition and also adapt to the requirements of the people in the class each week – a personalised touch with the objective of helping you improve your yoga practice and get the most from it going forward. At the centre of her ethos is an emphasis on building strength, flexibility and mobility with the aim to age well. The cost for the course is £90, payable in one instalment, or £16.50 per class drop in. Please book to reserve your mat.


Welcome Spring with a relaxed, fun and energising Vinyasa flow from 10.00 to 11.00 am every Sunday. Work at your own level, enjoy the freedom of movement achieved from a regular practice, chill and take some time out for yourself. We will finish at 11 am so plenty of time to rejoin family and friends feeling chilled and stretched! The cost per class is £12.50. Please book in advance to reserve a mat.


Maddy also provides private lessons in the comfort of your own home for up to 3 people, as and when required, and on an ad hoc or regular basis. Her aim is to be flexible! Each lesson is tailored specially for you. Mats and equipment provided. Contact Maddy for more information.


Contact Maddy on 07703 167069 or [email protected] to book your place. 


Introducing Michael Sprott

Cynergy Personal Trainers has started off the new year with a bang! We are
in the process of updating some of our equipment as well as bringing on board
an amazing new member of our team.

Cynergy Personal Trainers is proud to announce that one of the finest boxer’s
in Britain will be working from our Studio/Gym in Fawley.

British Heavyweight Professional Boxer, Michael Sprott, is now offering a rare
opportunity for you to have One to One Personal Training Boxing sessions
with him. Maybe you are training for a white-collar boxing match or just want
to improve your boxing skills and fitness with one of the best in their field.

Michael Sprott has held both the British and Commonwealth Heavyweight
titles in 2004 and the European Union Heavyweight title twice between 2005
and 2007. If that is not enough, Michael was also the winner of the 14 th Prize-
fighter series. From trying your hand at boxing to learning more serious boxing
craft, Michael is here to train as well as inspire you.

We hope you will get in touch with us to be one of the first to be able to work
and train with Michael. For more information email us here.