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Cat Batson…ran the New York Marathon on 1 November…and it was as interesting as expected!  The first half was brilliant!  My legs felt great and my pace was on target for 3 hours and 45 minutes!  Then somewhere around the halfway point my hip flexors reminded me they were not happy with my new running technique…and then my glute muscles had a little something to bring to the party themselves.  So I managed to finish with a modified shuffle run with a sad time of 4 hours, 19 minutes, 8 seconds.  So having recovered, I start my baseline training next week to build up those muscles to prepare me for my next marathon in Berlin.  Bring it on!

Gareth Batson…is eagerly anticipating his week long cycle training in Majorca at the end of February.  It should set him up nicely for the Spring race season as well as begin his preparation for the Tour de Wales at the end of June.

Start the New Year Off Right!

Bravo! You have made the commitment to get into shape. The “I don’t want to exercise” phase is over.
Something inside of you has “clicked” and you are ready to begin creating healthier habits. So, where do you start? Begin by using the power of vision.


Sit in a quiet place. Think of your fitness goals. Now, close your eyes and imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a fit and younger looking you. Imagine feeling full of energy, free of illness, and more fun loving throughout the day.

To achieve this vision and become fit and healthy, you need to eat well for proper nutrition, and do both cardiovascular and strength training. Follow the guidelines below and you will see the results you desire quicker and easier.

Food for Fitness

  • Drink filtered water. Water helps remove metabolic wastes (toxins) and will provide you with more energy for your activities. Aim for two to three litres per day.
  • Avoid sugar. Not only will sugar keep you fat, it can also set you up for sickness. Try the sweetness of stevia, a natural herb found in your local health food store. Stevia will keep your blood sugar stable while aiding in fat loss.
  • Eat every 2.5 to three hours. Eating revs up our metabolism to allow for quicker fat loss, keeps our minds sharp, and provides consistent energy throughout the day. Learn to eat till you are satisfied and not overfull so that you are hungry again for your next small meal.
  • Get your eight essential amino acids. Have protein at every meal or food-combine. Try a high-quality protein shake.
  • Eat “raw foods” every day. Raw foods are live foods and give us energy. Choose organic for their incredible taste and to avoid unwanted pesticides and herbicides (toxins).
  • There is nobody else like you, so your nutritional requirements are also unique. This is where a nutritional counsellor can help you create healthier habits and tasty alternatives that will fit your lifestyle.

Engage with CYNERGY Personal Trainers to get to where you want to be by a specific date.  We work with you to get to that target that you might struggle to achive alone.  A workable, sustainable plan to get that better ME!

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