Client Dairy – Power

I turned up to the session without having breakfast – this was a mistake as after a 5 minute warm up I went straight into a 20 minute power pyramid . I’m not making excuses up but I did feel week and have learnt my lesson ref fuelling and should have known better but that’s life isn’t it. The session on the watt bike was HELL maintaining the power output and staying at threshold was a nightmare. I worked as hard as I could and really had to get my mind in focus. Mental strength is something I will be focusing more on and Gareth pushed me hard and helped me through this mist of pain – the mist came back several times but once you have broken through the mist you can do it again . After this tough session on the watt bike it was 30 mins of core work. Core work and being coached when you’re doing core work is revealing – there is no hiding place , crunches , plank the lot – pain again is in the mind and it was on sale in my head believe me .

The session was the hardest I have done yet maybe even ever – but , like the previous week its setting me up for knowing that my weeks Turbo training needs to me tougher and more intensive and at threshold – I need to focus and break through the mist of pain and break through to that blue sky on the other side . Mantra for the week “if it doesn’t hurt your not trying hard enough “