Client Diary – Breathing

This session was by far the hardest and with the racing season just around the corner it’s the standard of all my future sessions. I had the usual tortuous threshold reps to do and I hit all my targets for these.

It’s still painful but the secret (as Gareth is constantly shouting at me) is to BREATHE, deep long breaths, steady and from the belly.

This obvious technique takes time to master and comes with time but deep steady breaths oxygenate the blood and dispel the lactic and toxins out – its controlled and I’m finding by adopting this technique I am caging the inner brat who is constantly telling me to “stop of your going to die”.   The very fact that Gareth said the session was excellent told me I’m improving every week , the man does not give away compliments like a free newspaper , they are rare and like pay rises occasional , either way to hear that when you’re the other side of the pain feels good.

As well as the physical improvements I’m seeing I’m also breaking into new psychological ones. You don’t get this in a gym membership, you won’t find it in a magazine and the internet’s full of good and bad information. This is why I can say 100% that having a personal trainer can make a huge difference.
I was told by Gareth to stop taking sugar, I scratched my head thinking I could ration its but in the end that approach is too liberal. I have had no sugar in drinks for 7 days, I don’t miss it and I don’t want it and I feel a lot better without it, aah the power of a personal trainer!
My whole outlook to training, diet/focus and mental aptitude has changed – the results of this will be out in a few weeks but I am very confident with the fact and actuals in front of me that I will be very happy with them.