New Year New You!

Welcome to 2022!  Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or have been on it for a while, January is a great time to commit or re-commit to a fitness plan, and part of doing that is prioritising you in the new year.

Every year we start with this commitment, but somewhere along the way, life takes over and little by little we prioritise ourselves less and less. We can only do the things we want to do for as long as we want to do them, if we are taking care of ourselves and making sure we are as fit and healthy as possible. Never has this been more important than of late. So, make that promise to yourself and like anything important in your daily schedule, stick with it.

For help with this listen to: –

Cat’s Podcast

Cat’s recent interview with the DogFit Podcast, was all about how to set your fitness goals in 2022 and stick with them!

Her session is titled Episode 20: New Year Canicross Goals & Motivation and can be found here: 
It’s a fun and helpful conversation, as much about how to get yourself out there as about Canicross.

Do have a listen.

Sign Up for a Class

Here is a reminder of the classes that we have on offer for you at Cynergy in 2022:

The New Strength & Conditioning Class is held on Tuesday mornings at 9am and led by Cat. This class started on Tuesday, 4th of January. If you missed out on the Taster session, and if there is still space in the class, you can always try it out at a later date.  Just let us know.

The Original Fawley Class (Strength & Conditioning) is also on Tuesday morning, but at 10:15am and also instructed by Cat. This class will resume next week on the 11th of January.

The Fawley Fit Outdoor Advanced Class will resume on Wednesday, the 12th of January at 9am. As this occurs outdoors it is a bit more cardio heavy to keep everyone moving and warm. Surprise!  Cat leads this class too.

Gary’s Functional Fitness Class for Golf Enthusiasts started Thursday, 6 January, at 6pm.  Whether you are interested in improving your golf game or trying to prevent another injury, this is the class for you.  Future classes will be held at the same time every week.

Book your place today to secure your spot in your chosen class by messaging Cat via the details below.

New! One off Running Techniques Workshop

Cat is holding a Saturday Running Techniques Workshop on the 22nd January from 11am to 1pm.  This is for those runners wanting to improve their running style to minimise any injuries they may be experiencing due to improper form.  It is also to check that the correct muscles are firing as they should to prevent injury further down the road. The workshop fee is £30.  This is at a reduced rate as most of those interested are already clients in some capacity. This session will be limited to ten people only to make sure Cat can assess everyone properly, so please sign up now by messaging Cat via the details below.

Personal Training

Of course, this is not to forget the one-to-one personal training sessions which are the core of what we offer here at Cynergy:

Cat – specialises in Long Distance Running, Canine Cross Country, Functional Exercises for Rehabilitation.
Gareth – specialises in Cycle training for racing or Sportives, as well as Functional Fitness.
Gary – specialises in Golf Fitness Training, Table Tennis lessons, Cycle training confidence for new riders, and functional fitness.
Michael – specialises in Boxing Fitness.

To book any of our classes or new sessions with any of our trainers and therapists – Becky (Holistic Massage & Reiki) and Jackie (Deep Tissue Remedial & Sports Massage) – email Cat at [email protected] or call her with any questions you may have on 07951 659728.

New Physio at Cynergy

Fawley Resident, Sarah Cary, has recently joined our Cynergy Team, and we are so lucky to have her as you will see:

Sarah Cary MCSP, HCPC, BSc Physiotherapy

A Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Sarah trained as a physiotherapist at King’s College London and has practiced in both the NHS and private physiotherapy sectors for more than fifteen years.

During this time, she developed a special interest in Women’s Health physiotherapy, in particular treating and supporting women through pregnancy, birth and beyond. As a mum of three small children herself, Sarah has experienced first-hand the ups and downs a woman’s body can go through during this time, and is committed to providing high quality, personalised physiotherapy care to all her clients.
Sarah is a fully registered and insured member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health & Care Professions Council, and also an affiliate member of the Pelvic, Obstetric & Gynaecological Physiotherapy Society.

Sarah offers the following: new appointments are £80 for 60 minutes, follow up appointments are £55 for 30 minutes. A new Mummy MOT appointment is also £80 for 60 minutes. Sarah has an online booking system that should be up and running very soon. You can access her website at or you can contact her directly on 07812-537422.

We are so excited about what 2022 will bring.  Let’s face it, things have got to look up.  But seriously, we have a great team here at Cynergy and all our clients/friends make every day a joy.  Thank you all for your support over the years, and we look forward to continuing to progress your fitness journey whatever that may be.

Big Love,
Cat, Gareth and the Cynergy Team

P.S. We please ask, in the safety of all our clients, to please lateral flow test prior to attending a class or a PT session with any of our staff. We want to protect our vulnerable clients as well as keep our doors open to help you keep your fitness goals. Thank you for understanding.

To book sessions with any of our trainers and therapists email Cat at [email protected] or call her with any questions you may have on 07951 659728.