Newsletter January 2011


Welcome to Cynergy PT’s first ever newsletter!  We had such a great start for our business last year and some of our clients made some amazing achievements.  We have so much planned for this coming year, I cannot wait to share it with y’all!

Last Year Recap

Last year began with an amazingly tough start.  As soon as our doors opened, the snow began to fall.  We missed about 3 weeks in total last year due to the unexpected weather in conjunction with our very hilly location.  But we persevered with the kindness and patience of our landlords, and are very happy with how the rest of the year went.

Speaking of which, last year we had clients that went on to complete such amazing events as The Etape (a particularly difficult stage of the Tour de France that opens every year to the public), the Trans Rockies (an eight day mountain bike race across the Rocky Mountains in Canada), The Windsor Triathlon, the Windsor and Reading Half Marathons as well as the Henley Half.  In addition we had clients that improved their overall fitness levels and lost weight they thought would never shift.

That being said…bring on 2011!  We cannot wait to see what new challenges lie ahead for us.

What’s Happening at the Centre?

Now for what’s happening at Cynergy this year!  We have taken this early month to make a few changes to Cynergy.

First….We are now finally on Facebook and Twitter!  You can follow us and see what the latest health tips or fitness recommendations are being supported or promoted by us.  You can also just check in and see what our actual progress is after a racing event or a training day.

We have more classes being offered this year, starting in February.  Check our website for dates and times.  We now have a Monday morning Pilates class, a Wednesday night full on boxing class as taught by Gareth, a Thursday morning fitness boxing class  instructed by Cat, and followed by a late morning Yoga class. Sign up for the classes and read all about the instructors and their many qualifications on our website (

Running Group: Cat has started a running group that meets on Saturday mornings at 08:30 in front of the gym/centre. Our runs vary in distance, but range from three to five miles and are usually off road, unless the countryside is too muddy.  We change things up regularly and may spend the time doing running drills.  Those are great if you want to improve your speed or you just want to make your everyday runs a bit easier.

Call us or Register on our website if you are interested in joining us.  We would love to have you along.  Our email address is [email protected].

Events: We have also decided to develop our own Cynergy PT Running Event in October. It will start and finish from our Centre and will be in aid of Parkinson’s Disease to support a very dear friend of ours who was recently diagnosed.  Details to follow soon, so watch this space!

Newsletter: Finally, our Newsletter!  What better way to keep everyone informed than by an update from us!  We will produce them monthly to keep everyone up on the latest specials, offers, health tips and fitness fads.

What Are We Up To?

First, Cat and Gareth Batson (Owners of CynergyPT) have devised quite a busy sporting year for themselves.


Cat plans to run two marathons this year…the Rotary Shakespeare Marathon in May and the Berlin Marathon in September, so wish her luck with those!  The Shakespeare Marathon is just to check the legs out, while Berlin will be for time and in aid of Cystic Fibrosis as her little cousin suffers from this horrible disease.

In addition, Cat will attempt her first three person cycling team time trial in April.  A little scared about the idea, but excited at the same time.

She will also be doing various individual time trials in both running and cycling this summer.  She has a lot on her plate, but eager to tackle the challenges.

Gareth on the other hand will be flying off to Majorca in early March for his annual cycling training camp!  He will be meeting up with some of High Wycombe’s elite riders to put themselves through their paces to prepare them for the racing season to come.

His first road race of the season is The Spring Chicken on the 12th of March, and his first time trial of the season will be the Leslie Cole 10 Mile Time Trial on Good Friday in April.  There will be many other road races he will be competing in this year and we will let you know how he gets on in all of these events.

Finally, in between training clients and racing, Gareth will be coaching the High Wycombe Cycling Club’s (HWCC) Women’s Teams for The Antelope (Three Up Team Time Trial) in April.  We are cautiously optimistic that there will be three teams of three entered on behalf of HWCC.

Top Trainer’s Tip

Most people are trying to lose weight post Christmas, so here is some advice about heart rate training zones…The common misconception to lose weight is to train at 70% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) steadily, whereas in reality, research shows you will get better results if you train at a higher intensity (85-90% of your MHR) for shorter intervals.

To work out your rough maximum heart rate take 220 and subtract your age. Then multiply that number by the percentage you wish to achieve to work out. On your chosen apparatus hold that heart rate for one to two minutes and then recover for three minutes and repeat four times.  As your fitness improves, increase your work interval and reduce your recovery interval.

Always get checked out by a doctor prior to undergoing workouts to this intensity.


Vitamin D…Are You Getting Enough?

With the gray days of the typical British winter upon us, it becomes more difficult to get enough Vitamin D to promote a healthy body.  A Vitamin D deficiency may cause depression and fatigue, as well as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis.

Recent research  as published in the U.S. issue of Runners World Magazine shows that many of us would benefit from taking one vitamin D supplement daily in the winter, in addition to taking advantage of the odd sunny day for a quick run or a walk to absorb what little sunshine there might be!  So if the sun is out…you should be too!

Cynergy’s Featured Therapist

As part of the New Year belt tightening, Jackie is offering treatment at the SPECIAL RATE of £35.00 for an hour during the remainder of January and February of this year.  For other therapies she can provide please visit our website. Call to book your appointment today.

Winter Health Tips

This winter so many people are coming down with cold and flu, so we need to protect against the bugs by following the usual rules of hand washing and avoiding those that are ill.  In the next paragraph, Jackie has provided a list of immune boosting herbs along with information on how they work. Information provided by CAMclub, complementary health care association.  I hope they help!

Three Herbs to Boost Your Immune System!

1) Garlic – A natural antibiotic, immune system stimulator, and it increases the effectiveness of the infections fighting cells of the body. It also blocks the production of toxins by germs.
2) Echinacea – It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is most effective when taken at the onset of a cold or flu.
3) Chinese Ginseng – Affects the immune control centres of the nervous system, both directly and indirectly through the adrenocortical hormones. It tones, increases output, and restores equilibrium.