Newsletter Summer 2011

Summer Newsletter from Cynergy Personal Trainers

Yoga at Cynergy!  Whether you are a yoga novice or a yoga elite; Katy can push you to achieve more.

Call us about our introductory rates to see if the class is right for you. 07951 659728

Boxing Fitness Classes
are held Wednesday nights at 19:15 and a Thursday morning class may begin at 09:00 if we have enough interest.

Email us if you would like to attend either. Men and women welcome! Give it a try! Once you have, you will be hooked!

Book your spot online!  Spaces are limited.

Running Group
: Meets Saturday mornings at 08:30 in front of the gym/centre.

See our website for more information or email

[email protected]

Pilates: Interested? Please call or
email to let us know what times work best for you.

The Trainers

The month of June has been a recovery month for both Cat and Gareth. Both have been training full on since February and have cut back on their training for the month of June to re-charge and get ready for upcoming events.

Cat has been focusing on building up muscles so she can run the entire Berlin Marathon at a pace she can be happy with.

Gareth has also taken a few weeks off from racing in order to mentally prepare for his upcoming National Time Trial Race in September. The time off from hard training brings back the love of cycling, which you need to succeed.
August starts the Canine Cross Country events…running with your dog(s) while harnessed together.

The first local event will be held in Bagshot, Surrey in mid September.   It is an absolute hoot got get out with your do and run a set distance through the countryside.  The dogs love it and so do their people, I highly recommend it to everyone.

Come and see for yourself, or just cheer me and Jens (our Standard Poodle) on to victory! Watch BBC’s Mike Bushell try out Canix here…

High Frequency

Finding time to get out and train can be difficult. Try and do your workouts as frequently as possible though. You are better off getting your heart rate up four or five times a week for 30 minutes each time then by doing one long 3 hour session for overall fitness and weight loss.

Cynergy’s Featured Instructor
Dan Slyfield will be teaching bicycle maintenance classes at Cynergy PT.

He works at Saddle Safari in Marlow, and if you have ever had your bike in there for a service, there is a good chance Dan worked on it.

Dan will be teaching a Beginners Bicycle Maintenance Course at Cynergy PT on the 24th of July at 10:00am.

Class fee is £15 per person for a three to four hour class.

He will also be conducting an Advanced Bicycle Maintenance Course in September so check with our website for dates and times.


Dan has worked on our bikes for over 6 years and has always managed to help us out…even when it meant working on his own free time. With the onset of summer it may often be difficult to have your bike maintenance done quickly, so if you can do some simple things yourself, you might free up some all important cycling time.

Book now online to hold your spot on the day as class size is small to give you the best attention on the day.

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome!

Contact Details:

Cynergy Personal Trainers

are Cat and Gareth Batson and are located at
Lower Woodend Barn, Fawley, Henley-on-Thames, OXON, RG9 6JF

Phone: 07951 659728 Website:
[email protected]



Hours of Operation: Monday: 11:00 to 20:00 Tuesday-Thursday: 07:30- 20:00 Friday: 07:30 to18:00 Saturday: 08:00 to 13:00




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