Newsletter Summer 2013

Newsletter Summer 2013!


Yoga Class: Yoga is still ongoing!  The Yoga class takes place on Thursday morning from 11:00 to 12:30.  All abilities welcome. Call or book on-line to reserve your place.

Kettlebell Class (New):To begin Tuesday, 30th of July! Lunchtime and Evening Classes available! Short 30 minute cardio blast.  Book early for this class! If we don’t have the numbers signed up, we don’t have a class. Read on for more information.

Pilates Class (New): To begin with a taster session on the 22nd of July!  Classes are one hour long and for all abilities.  Read on for more information.

Running Group:  Meets at 08:30 am in front of the gym/centre. All abilities welcome! We run between three and five miles. See our website for more information. Our email address is [email protected].


New Kettlebell Class!

Beginning on the 30th of July, we will be running 30 minute Kettlebell training sessions.  This is an intense, full-on workout to fit anyone’s work schedule.  Classes begin at 12:30 on Tuesday for a mid-day energy boost, and 17:30 on Friday afternoons for a pre-weekend kick off!  For those of you interested in taking part, contact us to book your first session.

New Pilates Class!

Well, here we go again!  We are starting up yet another Pilates Class. This time the class will be instructed by Lauren, who first started doing Pilates at the age of fifteen when she was diagnosed with Scoliosis: a curvature and a twist of the spine. She was advised to try Pilates first to see if it could help, and she found the results to be amazing. So much so that she didn’t need surgery anymore! Since then, Lauren has been attending Pilates classes and decided to pass on her knowledge to help others and trained to be a Body Control Pilates instructor. She also trains young horses and is a competitive show jumper; She has found that Pilates helps her enormously, as it corrected her posture, helped prevent her chronic back pain and improved her riding.

Come along on Monday, 22nd of July at 10am and give her first class a try.  It is a taster session and is only £5.

What We Are Up To

San Francisco has come and gone.  Cat ran the Marathon at the end of last month and managed (just) to finish in under the four hour mark. It was much hillier than expected. But even with the extra efforts she has never had a quicker post-race recovery. Aside from sore toes (due to the steep descents) all other muscles were pain free after a good stretching session given by none other than Mr. Gareth Batson.  Although before the SF Marathon even began, Cat had stated she would do no more marathons. After her visit to Washington D.C. she has decided to do perhaps one more…the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2014.  Watch this space.

Gareth has been to his week-long training camp in Mallorca, and has been focusing on his Time Trail (TT) efforts. Back in June he competed in the men’s National 25 TT as a Vet for the first time. Gareth finished midfield. On the 19th of July Gareth is cycling at the Silverstone 9-Up Team Time Trial where he will be in a team of nine men.  He has a few more TTs to go before the season ends in September.  Fingers crossed he will have a podium finish at the end of the season.

Jens and Heidi have both managed to compete in a couple of Canine Cross Country events this past Spring. Jens got bored of it quite quickly while Heidi was definitely more impressed with the events. However, they both ultimately just enjoyed running with each other and forgot (or did not care) that there was a competition going on.

Cynergy Running Adventures

Back in March (the 23rd to be exact) the Cynergy Running Group went out for the usual Saturday run.  However, this Saturday it was snowing.  Which of course does not stop a run outing, but we had a visitor from Barbados (Jaggs Dass) visiting the Affonso’s (regular attendees). This was the first time Jags had seen snow and was delighted to be running in it.  For those of you that were there, you will remember that he was so taken by the snow that he decided to go on a little solo adventure chasing some deer that he spotted. We eventually caught up with him and fortunately he had a big smile on his face. So no man was left behind and more importantly, everyone had a good run!

Speed Training Tips

Some of you may be trying to improve your overall speed by just going faster, whether it be running, cycling, or frankly any sport where speed is important.  Unfortunately, just trying to go faster within your regular workouts will not do the job.  You have to do short, sprint efforts in order to improve your speed, so for running, start off with doing 16 efforts of 200 meters as fast as you can go.  Give yourself a 200 meter jog recovery.  For cycling, sprint for signs or trees, but make it a good effort and use the next target for your recovery time. Repeat throughout your ride. By performing sprint efforts every few weeks, you should start to see an improvement quite quickly.  Keep pushing yourself and the results will come.

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