Newsletter Winter 2015

Winter 2015


Turbo Training:  Classes have resumed!  The first class was held on Monday, 2 November.  They take place every Monday night at 8pm.  Make sure to arrive early to set up.   This is a winter training series to prepare you for the up and coming race season, or just to keep your fitness levels up during the dark days of winter.  You will need your own turbo trainer.  If you wish to rent one, you need to let us know in advance so that we can assure availability.  Turbo Rental is £5, class fee is £5.  Hope to see you there!

Cynergy Aventura Club Rides:  Club rides are completely free for club members.  We meet every Saturday in Watlington car park at 12 noon. Safety and enjoyment are the focus of our club – we provide coaching and feedback to help you improve your road riding skills.  Everyone gets looked after on our excursions.  Come along for a ride, meet the gang, and see for yourself.

Cynergy PT Club Runs:  Club runs are completely free for club members.  We meet most Saturday mornings at 8:30am from the Cynergy Studio in Fawley.  All abilities are welcome.  We run between 3 and 5 miles at a social pace.  We run a mixture of on and off road, depending upon the weather.  Come and out and give us a try!



Fitness Camp in Tarifa, Spain

16-23 April 2016

Kick start your fitness regime with Cynergy next year in the glorious setting of Tarifa, Spain. Earlier this year Cat went out to Spain to see if she could find a fabulous location for a fitness camp. We think she has found the perfect spot!

This luxury retreat, uniquely secluded, provides the controlled environment and focus required to give you the ability to achieve marked results, while making real changes in your lives. Cat will be leading this fun-filled adventure! How could you not have fun? Have a look at our website for more information or contact Cat directly with any other questions or concerns you may have.



Cynergy Aventura Majorca Training Camp

11-18 March 2016

Well, it is that time again to start looking forward to next year’s winter training camp in Majorca.  These winter training camps are designed to fast track your cycling fitness, while in the beautiful surroundings of Majorca.  The cycling terrain is a mixture of flat, rolling and mountain rides, catering for beginners and intermediate riders.  All rides are led by experienced, first aid qualified Cynergy Aventura ride leaders, who have first-hand knowledge of local roads and amenities.  Nobody gets left behind on rides!

This year’s training camp is kicking off a bit later than last year.  Weather conditions proved dismal for the tail end of the last training camp and it was thought that by starting a bit later, the camp would benefit from more ideal weather conditions, hence the slightly later start.  That being said, last year most of the riders managed between 200 to 300 miles for the week.  Not bad at all.  All the riders were keen to keep up the training regardless of weather.  Just look how happy we all looked at the end of the week.



What We Are Up To

Cat completed the Marine Corps Marathon in a very respectable 4 hours: 25 minutes.  Although it is far from the time she would have preferred, running it with plantar fasciitis was always going to be a bit of a tall order.  So 26.2 miles later, an aching foot, and bruised toes, Cat crossed the finish line, feeling pleased that she completed it.

Gareth Batson has fallen in love again!  Yes, you heard correctly folks.  G has fallen in love again with Mountain Biking…although his brand new, pretty bike might have something to do with itJ.  He is rediscovering his joy of mountain biking around the Chilterns.  It won’t be long before he starts racing again.  We will keep you posted on his progress.

Teams Flower Power (Cat-Heidi) and Bad to the Bone (Gareth-Jens) will be running in the Stowe Pace Setter Cani-X Event on 22 November 2015.  This is their first CaniCross event this season.  Races start one at a time in 10 second intervals, in order to keep the motivation for the dogs high.  This works really well for the first one to two kilometres and then Jens and Heidi get bored and require amazing motivational skills provided by Cat and Gareth.  It is always interesting to see how things transpire along the course.  We cannot wait to share the stories with you afterwards, as we are sure there will be many.


Winter – Ready or Not

Winter is just around the corner, or so they say it is.  It may not feel like winter at the moment, but the days have definitely become shorter and the overall feeling of hibernating is hitting us all.  That does not mean that it is fine to become sedentary and eat rubbish.

Fight the urge to become a sloth and keep up a general fitness regime.  This is the time of year when people begin to pile on the pounds because there are just too many excuses to keep people from getting up off of their bums and working out.  Invest in a head torch and go for a run, break out the turbo trainer and spin the legs, buy a skipping rope and well, skip.  There are plenty of things to do in the winter to keep you active and healthy.

Now about the food…stop thinking you have earned it, IT being whatever indulgent food that you crave, because more than likely you have not.  Keep on making those healthy choices.  Now if the majority of your diet is a healthy one, then yes, you can have the occasional naughty meal.  But do not get sucked into thinking that you are eating better than you actually are.  Your waistline will reveal the truth about that.

Have a Happy Christmas Everyone!