Riding with the Sky Pro Cycling Team


Gareth Batson of CynerGy PT was one of about 300 riders selected to ride with the new Sky Pro Cycling Team around London City central on 4 January 2010!  He was thrilled to be able to participate on such a momentous occasion.  Over 2,000 people applied to take part in the event.

Gareth had an absolutely amazing time…even though it was a bitterly cold morning.  He said at one point, of he and his cycling partner James Norris, that their hands were so cold that they burned, but it was all worth it as they were able to chat with their cycling heroes, as well as get autographs and have photos taken with them.

After the event, Gareth said a new favourite of his to watch this year is Austrailian Simon Gerrans, a climber as well as an all-rounder.  He is such a friendly guy, and only too happy to have his photo taken with Sky fans.  Michael Barry, an all-rounder and domestique, was yet another rider that Gareth found to be very approachable. The whole Sky Team was present; however, they could not possibly meet them all.

It was a great start to what will hopefully prove to be a very successful year for both the Sky Team as well as for Gareth & James’ racing season ahead