Spring Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone!  We hope all of you have been keeping safe and well during this whole pandemic. It has not been an easy time, but at least with the vaccinations rolling out along with this latest lockdown, there appears to be a tiny light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

29 March

Excitingly, as of the 29th of March (barring any unforeseen changes to the timeline), Cynergy Personal Trainers can resume one-to-one Outdoor Personal Training as well as the Cynergy DogFit Pack Runs (currently up to six people allowed to run together, including Cat).  The one-to-one DogFit Taster Sessions are currently ongoing as they are conducted outdoors as required.  For more information regarding our Taster Sessions, please see our website www.cynergypt.co.uk

Speaking of DogFit, there has been a huge boom in DogFit Canicross during lockdown as many people either have new dogs they want to create a bond with, or they need to socialize their dog, or they want to do something new and exciting with their current dog(s). It’s great to see so much interest in combining your exercise routine to include your dog, not to mention the overall mental health benefit of getting outside in the fresh air and having an adventure!

For those of you that do not mind braving the weather, we will start booking our outdoor sessions from 29th March as well.  I know there are only a few brave souls that are willing to do outdoor training sessions which is totally understandable, but for those diehards out there, and you know who you are, we are here for you.

12 April

The next date of interest, assuming the timeline holds, is the 12th of April, where we will finally be able to get back into the gym for our Personal Training Sessions. We understand that some of you may prefer to continue with your PT Sessions from the safety of your own home via Zoom, and that is perfectly fine with us.  We want everyone to feel safe with whatever decision you make to continue your fitness health regime.
For those of you looking for a change of scenery and happy to come and workout face to face with us, our doors will be open as of the week of 12 April. Depending on who wants to workout online and who prefers to come to the gym, current schedules may change a bit to accommodate the current situation with various training methods. Please be patient with us while we work through some of these kinks.

Although we will be permitted to work in the gym with the proper spacing for safety, both Cat and Gareth have decided that for everyone’s safety, and until the virus is properly under control, they will continue to work on separate days to ensure there is no overlapping of clients.

Referral Voucher
Finally, please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends that might be interested in our help.  We will be offering a Referral Voucher: for anyone that signs up for a block of sessions with us and mentions your name you will receive a free PT Session.