Spring Newsletter 2022

Looking forward to Spring? How could you not with the weather we have had to endure this winter? Here at Cynergy we are hopeful that we have a fabulous Spring to look forward to and an even better Summer.  So please read on to see what we have in store for you.

Firstly, we would like to introduce you to our new Therapist, Magdalena.  In addition to being a Massage Therapist, she is qualified in the Advanced Emmett Technique, and MSTR (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release).  She offers deep muscle releases to treat discomfort and pain as well as Lymphatic Drainage (Emmett style) to decongest, destress and support immune function.  She also does Scar Tissue work to help with numbness, pulling, ROM (Range of Motion) and potential emotional triggers to do with the scar.

If you are in need of any of the above, please do get in touch.  Magdalena is offering half-hour Taster Sessions for £20 for first time clients from now until Easter. After that, her fees are £55 for an hour or £75 for 90 minutes. If you are interested, contact Cynergy (details at the end of the newsletter) to book a session.

We are delighted to welcome Magdalena to our team of fabulous therapists, which as a reminder includes:

  • Becky – Holistic Massage & Reiki
  • Jackie – Deep Tissue Remedial & Sports Massage
  • Sarah – Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Running Techniques Workshop – 2 April 2022 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

We had such a great time with our last running workshop, we thought we would do one more to get everyone’s running season off to a great start.  This will be the last workshop until next year, so if you think you might want a few pointers, come and join us.  Cat and Gareth will be on hand to help improve your running style. Whether you are looking to prevent injury, level up your form, or you are training for a big race.

The workshop is a two-hour session for a mere £30, as most of the participants are already clients in one way or another.  All are welcome however, so do mention the workshop to anyone you know you might find it helpful. To book, or for any questions, please do get in touch with Cat (her contact details are at the end of the newsletter).


NEW! Barre Class – Beginning the 14th of March, we are excited to bring a new class to Cynergy.  Naomi from Barre Sculpt will be holding Ballet inspired workout classes from our Studio on Monday evenings from 19:00 to 20:00.  This is a great workout for men and women alike, regardless of fitness levels.  These classes are running in 8-week blocks, so please signup ASAP – if you haven’t already – to secure your place.

Our Strength & Conditioning Class is held on Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. and led by Cat. This class is fully subscribed at the moment, but if you think you might be interested, get in touch and Cat can put you on a waiting list.  People go on holiday all the time and things change, so you never know when a space might open up.

The Original Fawley Class (Strength & Conditioning) is also on Tuesday mornings, starting at 10:15 a.m. and also instructed by Cat. Again, this class is fully subscribed, but you never know when a vacancy may occur. So do get in touch if you are interested in attending.

The FawleyFit Outdoor Advanced Class takes place on Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m. As this occurs outdoors there is currently a bit more availability. However, Spring is coming and we cannot have more than about 10 in a class, so if you are interested, do get in touch ASAP.  This class is a bit more cardio heavy than the others to keep everyone moving and warm. Cat leads this class too.

Gary’s Functional Fitness Class for Golf Enthusiasts resumes Thursday, 17th of March at 6 p.m.  Gary is extremely knowledgeable in the functional fitness exercises to not only help improve your game, but to keep you fit enough to continuing playing it. Future classes will be held at the same time every week.

Book your place today to secure your spot in your chosen class by messaging Cat – her contact details are at the end of this newsletter.

ShedFit at Nettlebed Creamery

Monday morning’s ShedFit, an outdoor, music inspired workout by Cat has been a huge success! We are under cover of the Shed at the Creamery, hence the new name (much better than NordicFit!), with music pumped through the speakers to get us moving and keep us warm. If you have a free Monday morning, why not pop by at 9 .a.m. and squeeze in a workout?

To reserve your place, email [email protected] with your name and the class dates you would like to attend.  Class dates are on their website: www.nettlebedcreamery.com. The sessions cost £12 and include a delicious free coffee afterwards.  How very civilised.

Cynergy DogFit

Cat’s Pack, that’s what we call the group of canine cross-country runners that join Cat on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening runs.  These runs are quickly growing in popularity.  If you think this might be something for you and your canine bestie, get in touch and book a Taster Session with Cat as we are nearing our capacity for our Pack Runs.

By running with your dog, you will gain a greater bond with them while also improving your fitness level and simultaneously mentally tiring your dog.  This makes for a very chilled out Sunday afternoon for all.

Taster Sessions include harness fittings for both you and your dog, a review of basic commands used on Canix runs, and a trial run for you both to see how the whole thing feels and works.  Taster Sessions cost £50, and the session lasts about an hour. For more information, contact Cat.  You’ll love it!

Starting next month, we will be highlighting a Dog of the Month!  They will be featured on our Instagram (@cynergy_pt) and Facebook page for whatever it is that made Cat laugh the hardest on a Cat Pack run, or made her go, “Aw”. There might also be a little something extra for them as well…the dog that is, as they are the star of the show.

Personal Trainers

Of course, the core of what we offer here at Cynergy is personal training, with our wonderful Personal Trainers:

  • Cat – who specialises in Long Distance Running, Canine Cross Country, Functional Exercises for Rehabilitation.
  • Gareth – who specialises in Cycle training for racing or Sportives, as well as Functional Fitness.
  • Gary – who specialises in Golf Fitness Training, Table Tennis lessons, Cycle training confidence for new riders, and functional fitness.
  • Michael – who specialises in Boxing Fitness.

We are also looking to bring on a new Personal Trainer to join our family of Cynergy trainers and to help alleviate some of the pressure on Cat.

Personal Trainers Wanted!

We are looking for someone with a positive attitude who is truly invested in the well-being of their clients and is at least a Level 3 PT.  They will need to either bring their own clients with them to start and/or be happy with taking over a few of Cat’s clients/classes while we help to promote them to increase their client base. If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, please pass on our details (see below).  We would love to have a chat with them.

We have a great team here at Cynergy and all our clients/friends make every day a joy.  Thank you all for your ongoing support; we look forward to continuing to progress your fitness journey, whatever that may be.

Big Love,
Cat, Gareth and the Cynergy Team

To book sessions with any of our trainers and therapists email Cat at [email protected] or call her with any questions you may have on 07951 659728.