Summer Newsletter 2020

Well, Summer is here, although today feels a little Autumnal. However, we live in hope that Summer will get a re-boot in the coming days. Regardless of what is happening weather-wise, we are hopeful that we will have a fantastic Summer here at Cynergy, or in most cases, at what is now known as Virtual Cynergy!


So, unlike our Spring Newsletter which was promoting all the new people that were coming to work with us, thanks to COVID-19, we are now focusing on a much more stream-lined, and remote version of Cynergy PT.  We are still trying to be creative and bring value and exciting news to share with you, even if via a different medium or a change in location.

Stonor ParkFit

With gyms remaining closed for the foreseeable future, Cynergy Personal Trainers have partnered with Stonor Park to bring you the ultimate summer, post-lockdown, socially distanced, outdoor fitness classes set in the beautiful gardens and deer park of Stonor.  Cat will be leading the group workout and keeping things energised and fun for all, if not a bit challenging as well.  Please read the Press Release below for further details:

Stonor Park Press Release
Fitness just got fresher with our new initiative to get outdoors and get active with Stonor ParkFit. 

With gyms remaining closed for the time being, we are delighted to have partnered with the brilliant Cynergy Personal Trainers to provide a programme of post-lockdown, socially-distanced outdoor fitness classes set in our beautiful Gardens and deer park.  Texan Cat Batson, a Level 3 PT and UK Athletics Coach, will be bringing her popular energetic sessions to Stonor.  Each session is an hour and geared to improve cardiovascular health and overall strength.  

All abilities are welcome.  The professionally trained instructor(s) will happily offer alternative suggestions to make exercises more or less difficult.  Sessions will initially take place at 9.15am every Wednesday, rain or shine, priced at £15 or we have a special offer to block book 10 sessions for £120!  We will add sessions on other days as we grow.  We kick-off this Wednesday 8th July on the lawns of the Italianate Garden. Parking is free with thoroughly steam-cleaned toilet facilities and a coffee vendor, should you need an extra boost!

Please do come along and join us for Stonor ParkFit with Cynergy PT and make the most of our park and woodland setting as a healthy and inspiring place to get fit. All you need to bring along is your own exercise mat. And what is more you will be supporting fantastic environmental initiatives through Patagonia Action Works who we are proud to have partnered with.

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Zoom PT and Classes

Within the realm of Cynergy, we have been successful in continuing to work with our clients via Zoom, whether that be one to one or within a class setting.  It comes with its challenges, as we never know whose internet is going to be playing up, or if Zoom is having technical issues, but so far, we like to think we have managed to continue to give you all a great workout within the confines of your own home.  Dare we say, some of you are even finding the workouts a bit more challenging?  We sure hope so!

Outdoor Sessions

The week ahead has us slowly trying to introduce our Outdoor Face to Face Workouts.  Both Cat and Gareth are carefully and slowly starting this process with one day a week each.  We are hoping to provide those of you that we welcome back first an excellent workout so that you do not miss coming indoors for the time being.  We will slowly increase the number of days, weather permitting, as we work the kinks out.  We still have no idea when gyms will be allowed to let people inside, and we imagine even then, toilet facilities will be off limits until we can find a safe way to keep on top of the constant cleaning. So slowly we move forward and hope you will bear with us during these challenging times.

Cynergy Canine Cross Country

Cynergy Canine Cross Country is also getting a bit of a re-boot. We have a fabulous group of runners that have been waiting for the green light for us to be permitted to gather and go for a cross country run together. We are sure the dogs have missed it, but we are just as sure that the humans have as well. For the time being, the groups will be kept slightly smaller than before in order to keep social distancing in place, but we will also add a mid-week run to make sure everyone gets a chance to come and run with their dog(s).  It is such a huge relief to be able to exercise with your dog in the fresh air and to have other like-minded people joining in on the fun. 
Should you wish to have a go at canine cross country, or know someone who might, click here for more details about our Taster Sessions and how to get in touch.

Refer a Friend and Get a Free Workout Session!

If you refer a friend and they sign up for a block of sessions, you get a free workout, or a discount on your next block of sessions.  Whichever you prefer, we just want to make sure you realize how much we appreciate your custom as well as the referral.