Newsletter Autumn 2019

Welcome to the Cynergy Autumn Newsletter for 2019!

What’s Been Happening

This was a crazy summer for us here at Cynergy, primarily because Gareth finally had his tonsils removed after suffering with illness since February.  It has been a long, slow recovery for him but we believe he has finally turned a corner and starting to feel well enough to get back out on the bike.  We are all so excited for him to build his fitness back up and return to his normal fit state.

Dog First Aid

As many of you know, Cat and Gareth are crazy about their dogs, Heidi and Jens. They are part of the business as well as beloved mascots for Cynergy. Needless to say, if anything untoward happened to either dog, it would be devastating.  As a result, Cat went on a Dog First Aid Course earlier this month in order to minimize potential accidents as well as know what to do in a crisis situation.  The course was such an eye opener that we thought it important enough to promote.  Every dog lover/walker/sitter/etc can gain something from attending this 3-4 hour workshop.  As many of our clients have dogs of their own, we thought we would post the information for this course so you can check it out should you want.

Providing Certified Training for Dog Professionals
Bridget Simms
Franchise Partner
07809 423157
[email protected]
Facebook: /dogfirstaidoxfordberksbucks
Twitter: @DogFirstAid

National Get Outside Day!

Yes! It is almost here!  Cat is going to do a local Cani-X walk/jog from the Cynergy location in Fawley on the 29th of September starting off at 9AM.  Anyone wanting to come along with or without a dog in tow, please do so!  This is designed to be a social and fun way to get you all outside and have a good time.  The distance will be about 4 miles and take in some of the amazing views overlooking Henley.  It is a free event and all abilities are welcome!  If you are interested in coming along, contact Cat.  Hope to see you all there!  #getoutsideday. 

Cynergy Members Doing Amazing Upcoming Events

We want to wish the best of luck to those Cynergy Members tackling some brilliant events in the very near future!  Check out what they are up to.

On the 12th of October at the Maverick INOV8 Event in Stonor Park, the amazing Emma Harris will be running her first ever Half Marathon (as far as Half’s go this one is a particularly tough choice as it is full of off-road goodness)!  As she is one to never shrink from a challenge, we are super proud and know she will smash it!  Good luck Emma!  Enjoy the views and just take it all in. 

On the 13th of October both Georgina and Simon Strickland will be running the Chicago Marathon!  Although this is not their first marathon, it has been a full-on year of sport for these two. However, their fitness levels should make crossing that finish line an absolute joy.  If for no other reason but so they can put their feet up and relax until they pick their events and targets for next year.  Good luck guys!  Let me know how it goes!

On the 3rd of November Tom Drury will be running the New York City Marathon!  Tom has been training the last couple of months for this event.  He has come a long way from where he originally started, and we are happy with his progress. We are confident he will achieve his goal for a sub 4 hour run as long as he pays attention to his hydration and nutrition prior to the run as well as during.  Good luck Tom!  Try and enjoy it and take in the fantastic views as only New York can provide.

Our very own Gary Morgan will be playing in his first major Table Tennis event of the season in Derby this coming weekend in the Veterans British League.  After that he has some County matches representing Hertfordshire in the over 40s category as well as playing for the Kingfisher Club based in Reading competing in the Senior British League.  Good luck with those matches Gary!

This winter Cat will be running the Thames Valley Winter Cross Country Series to keep her running form.  In addition to that, she will continue with her Canine Cross-Country running group through the winter as that is when the dogs have the most fun.  Cool temperatures and mud, what could be better?

We would be remiss if we did not include Rob Hamilton in the aforementioned list.  Rob without any plan or training or even any idea that he was going to be anywhere near the San Francisco Marathon on the day that it kicked off, happened to see the end of the race group set off and decided he would join in for a bit of fun.  Something like 18 miles later and he called his wife to explain that he may be a bit late getting their hire car, but that he would get there as soon as he could.  Rob then proceeded to finish the marathon having never signed up for it or trained for it (or any race for that matter), but apparently had a lovely time and enjoyed himself.  Rob, people like you drive many of us mad with envy, but major props to you and your natural running ability! Chapeaux! 

PT User App

Some of you will remember that we were going to implement a PT App to give you better access to your personal training workouts as well as general information.  Sadly, the App we were hoping to get off the ground turned out to be a bit of a bust.  The problem was a combination of a less than user friendly application, followed up with a very poor internet service at the gym.  I have my fingers crossed that the internet access will improve over the next 6 months, and if so, I will try again with a better, more user-friendly app, that everyone can use.  Watch this space.

New DogFit Running Dates

 These are local runs usually situated around the ridgeway.  We meet at various locations to keep things interesting for both human and dog. If interested in coming along, please contact Cat for a Taster Session if you have not run with a harness before. 

  • Sunday – 29 September at 9 am – Free event #GetOutsideDay (All abilities welcome with or without harnesses today only)
  • Sunday – 13 October at 9 am
  • Sunday – 27 October at 9 am
  • Saturday – 2 November at 9 am
  • Sunday – 17 November at 9 am
  • Saturday – 30 November at 9 am
  • Sunday – 15 December at 9 am
  • Sunday – 29 December at 9 am