Client Diary – A Surprise weigh in!

Before I had the session I was weighed – this was a surprise weigh in and I have to say I was over the moon to have lost 3 kgs –
I have a further 8 kgs to go but this is achievable once I increase my riding time and my food intake becomes healthier.

This week’s session focused on spinning and efficiency on the bike (as I had a RAMP test planned for the next day).  I spent 5 mins at a high cadence gradually moving my heart rate up to my Threshold for 35 mins. The session was very interesting as I learned a great deal about my pedalling action and how I could control my power output by being more efficient in my pedal stroke. It wasn’t that easy a session though – they never are. After 30 mins of Bike focused efficiency and heart lung action I got down to some core work to strengthen my middle torso and work off the blubber.   A great session where I’m starting to see (as is Gareth) a real turn round in my performance – so this is great motivational news.

Also I discovered a great food tip this week (See our Nutrition Advice) – as advised by Gareth. I live in a busy house with children this means you are often faced with BAD FOOD temptations – being a weak male I will often give in and take that temptation. The way to combat this is to replace those temptations with GOOD FOODS like NUTs and seeds.
I now eat pumpkin seeds in the same way I would habitually east crisps – it’s the best thing I have done to date diet wise – seeds are so good for you, oils, the right sort of energy and protein, plus you get the feel good factor ok knowing you are taking in good fuels.
The rest of this week is rest!