Newsletter Spring 2013


Newsletter February 2013


Yoga Class: Yoga is still ongoing!  The Yoga class takes place on Thursday morning from 11:00 to 12:30.  All abilities welcome. Call or book on-line to reserve your place.

Funtional Fitness: To resume in the Spring!  Watch this space. Read on for more information.

Kettlebell Class: To begin 6 March! Lunchtime and Evening Classes available!  Book early for this class! If we don’t have the numbers signed up, we don’t have a class. Read on for more information.

Running Group:  Meets at 08:30 am in front of the gym/centre. All abilities welcome! We run between three and five miles. See our website for more information. Our email address is [email protected].

New Kettlebell Class!

Beginning on the 5th of March, we will be running 30 minute Kettlebell training sessions.  This is an intense, full-on workout to fit anyone’s work schedule.  Classes begin at 17:30 on Tuesday afternoons, and 12:15 on Wednesdays for a mid-day energy boost.  For those of you interested in taking part, contact us to book your first FREE session.

Bootcamps/Retreats Coming to Cynergy PT

Cynergy PT will be hosting both residential and non-residential “bootcamps” in the near future.  We are looking to instruct healthy and effective workouts as well as show a healthy way of eating to improve and change lifestyle choices.  Watch this space or check our website for the latest information and schedules.

What We Are Up To

Cat has begun training for the San Francisco Marathon in June of this year.  Although off to a slow start, due to an ankle injury, she should be back on track soon and ready to go the distance.

Gareth is gearing up for his annual cycling training camp the first week in March and his racing season starts on the 23rd of March.  Hopefully his legs will have recovered from training in time for his first race.

Jens is preparing for his first Canine Cross Country race of the year in March and Heidi is preparing for her first ever Canine Cross Country race on the same day.  Cat will be running with Heidi and Gareth will run with Jens.  Wish them luck!  It could be very interesting for all involved.

New Rates

As most of you know we have had to increase our fees.  As of January 1, our hourly rates increased to £45.  However, if you buy a block of training sessions in advance or are signed up for a particular training program where payment is made in advance, then you will receive a 10% discount with each purchase.

We have maintained the same fees for the past three years, and needed to finally make the change. We hope you understand.

 High Intensity Training Tips

Vector stopwatchRecent findings show that if you are short on time, a high intensity shorter workout will give you increased fitness benefits.  After a good ten minute warm up, aim to do 30 second maximal bursts with four minutes recovery, repeat four times.  Ensure you do a decent cool down and stretch afterwards.  Only undertake this effort after a full health screening from your doctor and judged to be in good health without any underlying conditions as it is a maximal effort.

Biomechanical Assessmentsbiomechanical

Mention this article and receive a 20% discount on a biomechanical assessment. If you are suffering from reduced functionality as a result of an injury or perhaps you are not performing as well as you would like in your sport as a result of a musculoskeletal injury, then Chris can identify deficiencies in movement and range of motion, postural problems and asymmetries.  Should you want to continue, he can develop a rehabilitation program to have you functioning and feeling better quickly. Contact us to schedule an assessment today.

Functional Fitness-Open Sessions!

Starting in the Spring we will open our gym for two hours on  Friday nights from 4:00pm to 6:00pm for people to come and try out our Functional Fitness Sessions. It is an open training session for you to come and workout as little or as much as you can within the designated time slot. Cynergy Staff will guide you through the session and help with technique.  Each week a new circuit/challenge will await you. As more people attend, you can compete against others, thereby increasing your workout efforts. Do not worry if you are new to some of the exercises, we will show you how to perform them correctly, and over time, you will improve and build strength as well as increase your cardio fitness. For more information, read more about it on our website at
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